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Antoine Dodson. Antoine the hero. A name to remember. Someone you should be paying homage to. Don’t cross Antoine. Antoine does the impossible. Antoine goes viral. These are just a few of the about 1,480,000 titles you will have pop up on your screen in a result of searching for “Antoine Dodson” on Google. Unless you have been living under a rock, or just got your internet hooked up today and haven’t signed up for Facebook, Myspace, Twitter, Yahoo, or any other Social Media, you know who Antoine Dodson is. You especially know who he is if you are from the North Alabama area, thanks to our wonderful local news. (more…)

Thank You For Being A Hero!

Posted: July 4, 2010 by Adam Day in Other
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Just want to give a big thanks to all the men and women who serve and who have served our country. Military, Medical, Fire, Police, and everyone else who is in public safety.

To everyone here at home, you do a good job and stay safe! Thank you for what you do and God bless.
To all of our military men and women overseas, thank you for what you do. Stay safe and God bless you and your families for what you do.