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The Secret of Men

Posted: June 30, 2010 by Adam Day in Other
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Today I want to share with all the women the secret of men. This has been a controversial subject for quite some time. Now first of all, everyone remember this is a ‘Rated G’ site. Let’s keep the comments that way too. Thank you. Now on to the big secret. There isn’t one. Whew. You know it feels so good for that to be out. Got that off my shoulders and I feel like a hundred pounds lifted off of me. Unfortunately it didn’t. If you as a female can’t understand a man then maybe you should have a baby. Let me finish. Having a baby is a lot like having a man. I’ve come to realize this while taking care of my son, I’ve thought, “Wow, he is just like me in so many ways”. When he cries he either wants to play, take a nap, needs to be changed, or is hungry. Now I don’t go around relieving myself in my pants like he does, but think about it, you know how nice that would be. Anyways back on subject. My wife will ask me sometime, “Why are you in such a grumpy mood?”. Truth is I don’t know. How about ask a baby why he is in a bad mood and see what answer you get. Nothing. More than likely I’m tired and need a nap, I need something to eat, or maybe I just want to sit here and watch the ballgame.