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Precious Time

Posted: June 29, 2010 by Adam Day in Other
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While standing in my garage talking to my brother about manly things, he made a comment about how he was happy our wives were chatting it up about our flower garden and some tree that beetle’s like to eat. After his comment we turned to each other and almost simultaneously said, “Wow, we have wives”. We talked about how crazy it is that seems like just yesterday we were rolling around in the front yard of mom’s house wrestling and carrying on, wait maybe it was yesterday? Anyways, he made the comment how I was getting old since I just turned 26 recently. Downhill to 30. We continued talking about our lives and how we both have houses, cars, working full time, and how he is in school. Time sure does fly. Which brings me to partly what this is about. Time files. Time is precious. I’ve always known this but I learned a lesson lately, when this slapped me in the face. The lesson? It wasn’t a death, a birth, a wedding, or anything like that. This may sound crazy, but my lesson of time flies was when my son had his first haircut. As he sat in the airplane seat, watched “Finding Nemo” on the TV hanging on the wall, and tried to eat the ladies spray bottle at “Spoiled Rockin Kidz“ (a GREAT place if you have kids, the people there were awesome!), I realized that my baby boy is growing up. Yes he is only a year old, but I now realize what I have been told so many years by my parents and others with children. Turning a year old is quite the big deal, I think more for the parents than for the baby. I’m sorry, the toddler. Anyways, watching my little man fly that airplane while getting his haircut made me stand with pride and just wanting to yell at everyone in the business and tell them my baby boy is growing up.