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So the other day I wrote a little bit about the oil spill in the gulf. A lot of what I wrote about was the fact that not many, if any at the time, celebrities were helping out and donating money to the oil spill clean up. Since then BP has set up a fund to help the men and women that are out of work because of their huge mistake. I say mistake very lightly since all this very well could have been avoided with proper safety equipment, but we will never know. I was asked by several people why was I upset that celebrities were not helping the oil spill clean up if I myself wasn’t helping out. No they didn’t mean for me to put on some rubber boots, rubber gloves, helmet, and mask then take the trip to the gulf and start filling up a jar with oil. They were simply asking why I hadn’t taken the initiative to start some sort of fund I guess like a bank account and then donate the money to the oil spill relief. Well I don’t know. Guess you got me there. Since then I’m actually looking into a few charities that could help with the animal clean up, since BP is obviously not worried about them. At least they are trying to get the oil up now. According to, “Endangered sea turtles and other marine creatures are being corralled into 500 square-mile “burn fields” and burnt alive in operations intended to contain the oil from BP’s ruptured well in the Gulf of Mexico, the Obama administration confirmed today.” (more…)

Oil Spill

Posted: June 24, 2010 by Adam Day in Rants and Raves
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So with all the uproar in the gulf about the big BP oil spill, to be honest everyone seems to be going a little crazy. I most definitely agree more should have been done sooner. I will be the first to say that more people should have stepped up and helped. More “celebrities” should have cared enough to help out. These same “celebrities” are the ones that donated millions and millions of dollars to Haiti when they had their disaster. Now, their own country has a disaster that is killing hundreds of animals and putting hundreds out of work. I think that some have finally stepped up to help, I guess it is better late than never right? Still the help from these people has not come close to touching what they did for other countries. I personally think it is sad and pathetic. (more…)