Adam Day began his writing career while in Middle School at New Hope Middle School. Most of his work has yet to be published, but he is hopeful that some of his writings will be soon. Ok, none of his work has yet to be published but he keeps a great attitude and is hopeful that soon his work will be known to all. Adam is the author of several books that has yet to be written. He is confident that if does write these books they will become best sellers. Adam resides with his wife and son just outside of Hampton Cove, AL which is just outside of Huntsville, AL in North Alabama. During the winter Adam likes to stay at his winter home, the same home as his summer, fall and spring home. Adam enjoys writing short stories, articles and poems. We hope you enjoy the writings of Adam Day and Adrian Sanders as they combine their work for a powerful message here at Road Rage with A&A. Enjoy your read!

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  1. Kathy says:

    Just say it….you live in NO HOPE AL

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