20 Things That Make Me Say, “Are You Serious?”

Posted: November 30, 2010 by Adam Day in Rants and Raves
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Boredom sometimes overtakes people and makes them do stupid things. Then again, sometimes it’s just the stupid that makes them be stupid. So, being bored, I’ve put together a list of things that make we wanna look at someone and say, “Are you serious?”. Did you just do that? Things that make me wanna grab someone and slap them around a bit while screaming and telling them how stupid they are. Some of these I’ve found around the internet and had to share, however most are from my experiences, unfortunately. I hope you enjoy, and by all means if there is something that makes you just flip out, please add it to the list.

Are you serious? Did you just really do that?

1 People in the gym who grunt really loud while lifting weights. Really? Do you have to make all that noise?

2 People who talk on the phone or text while they are working out/running on the treadmill. Yes I know someone who does this. I won’t name names.

3 When someone walks around in the locker room naked. Really? I know it is a locker room and all, but, that towel that is over your shoulder, I can think of a much better use for it.

4 People that sing out loud while running or working out. SHUT UP! YOU CAN’T SING!!!!!!!!

(wow, I’ll try to get away from the gym part haha)

5 Someone who moves a vacuum cleaner over a small piece of thread again and again? Why don’t you just pick it up! Oh wait you just did, examined it and then put it back down and moved the vacuum cleaner over it to try again. JUST THROW IT AWAY!!!!!

6 When a stranger comes in the bathroom and tries to start up a conversation with you. Really? Leave, now.

7 When someone calls you and then has a longer conversation with someone in the room with them. I’m hanging up now, GOODBYE!

8 People who put their phone up to the stupid radio and record a song for their voice mail, a really long song. I’m sorry, are we in the 5th grade?

9 Someone who turns the light off while you are in the bathroom stall. Again, middle school? This makes me want to punch them in the kidney.

10 Someone who stops the elevator doors from closing, gets on, then holds the doors open to finish their conversation with someone not riding the elevator. I wish the doors would just close on your arm.

Now for some that give me a little road rage….just a little.

11 Of course the usual, people who drive slow in the left hand lane.

12 People who pull out in front of you when you are the only person on the road and slow down.

13 People who refuse to use their blinker when there are others behind them. Instead, they just stomp on the brakes while giving me a mild heart attack.

14 People who use their blinker, just never turn. I HATE YOU!

15 When you pull up next to me and I can’t carry on a conversation with someone in my car because your music is so loud. I hope your ears start bleeding. (Why are you calling me mean? You know we all think this same thing.)

16 When someone is tailgating me and I hit the brakes, then they get mad at me. Really?

17 When I’m tailgating someone and they hit the brakes. (ha)

18 Someone who starts slowing down 3 miles before their turn, all the while there is a perfectly good turning lane that no one is using. Idiots.

19 And we’ve all seen this moron, the idiot who starts backing up in the middle of the road because they missed their turn. Really? Are you serious?

20 I hate to see people who have offensive bumper stickers. This is one of my biggest peeves. I understand you want to show how you feel, but really, maybe the rest of the world doesn’t care about your opinion. Much less now that you don’t have enough respect for other drivers that you would put something like that on your car. Makes me want to spray paint over it, hopefully I won’t get any on their car. If so, oh well.

There you have it. 20 things that make me say, “Are you serious?”. Hopefully this will make someone smile today. Hope it doesn’t give you more rage just thinking about it. If it does, at least take it out on one of the morons above. If you are one of the dummies mentioned above, stop. Stop being a dummy. No one likes a dummy.

Don’t be a topic.

  1. Lanelle says:

    Funny stuff! I’ve witnessed many of these.

  2. Joe says:

    I’m pretty sure you’ve done #9 to me on several different occasions… and you may not be a stranger, but you do #6 to me all the time. Haha… creepy.

  3. Adrian says:

    #9? Really? Are you complaining about this?!?!?!

    Im pretty sure you practically invented that joke!

    Oh yeah and #2…I hate to mention Chad’s name too

  4. Adam Day says:

    I hate when these things happen “TO ME”! Not when I do them. When I do them they are hilarious!!! haha

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