Everyday A Memory. RIP Brent

Posted: August 2, 2010 by Adam Day in Other
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The year 2002 has some memories of mine that I have pushed back to the farthest part of my mind, trying to forget them, trying to hide them forever. I did a search for the year 2002 and for the most part, this was a tragic year. A wall street journal reporter is murdered in Pakistan, a woman is found guilty of drowning her 5 children (from the previous year), numerous car bombs kill hundreds all over the world, Snipers go on a tirade killing several from Alabama to DC. These are just a few of the hundreds of tragic headlines from that year. One of the only happy headlines I found was about the Pennsylvania Miners who were rescued after spending 77 hours in a flooded mine shaft. But of all the headlines I found, one sticks out to me the most, only one can make my stomach turn knots, only one can ruin my whole day.

“County Teen Dies In Car-Train Accident”

Eight years ago today my cousin was hit and killed by a train as he was on the way to his girlfriends house. He was only 17 years old. In the words of Clay Walker in his song “Just A Few Questions”, “And why did my cousin have to die in that crash? A good kid, only seventeen, I still wonder about that. It seems unfair to me, some get the chance to chase their dreams, and some don’t.” I have questioned this for 8 years, but I guess all things happen for a reason right? I remember getting the phone call from my dad. Me and my brother were standing in a gas station/diner in Montgomery, AL. When I answered I couldn’t understand what was happening. I couldn’t hear my dad because of loud sound in the background. When he said the words, “It’s Brent”, I understood then what that sound was. I could hear my mom and sisters in the background crying. The cry you hear from someone when they have lost a loved one is a sound you never want to hear. I wish I could describe the feeling I had, but if you have ever lost anyone you loved then you know that is impossible. I told the people cooking our food we had to go, I paid for the uneaten food and got my brother in the car. He knew something was wrong but I didn’t have the courage to tell him for several miles down the interstate. When I finally tried to tell him all I could do was cry. When I finally got out that Brent had been killed, my little brother just turned his head from me and wept. If you ever want to feel small, feel completely out of control, watch your loved one cry and know there is nothing you can do to help. Once we made it back to Huntsville and to Brents house, everything seemed to start blurring out. I remember seeing my family, we all sat around outside in disbelief. How could this happen to our family? Why us? Why Brent?

After the funeral was over everyone tried to get back to normal. We all knew this would never be possible. Brent was one of those people that was a friend to all. He was one that you could sit and talk to for hours about your problems, and he would never tell you about his, he didn’t want to burden you. Brent was one of the most loving people I have ever met in my life. He had hundreds of friends that came to the funeral home to pay their respects and say their last goodbyes. Some couldn’t even make it in the funeral home. We both worked together at Subway and our boss told me he stood outside with a large group of people, there was no room inside. Even the standing room had been taken. Brent was one who, at 17 years old, would see me in Wal-Mart or at the mall, come over, give me a hug, and tell me he loved me. He wasn’t ashamed at all to give his mom a kiss in front of all his friends. Matter of fact, he was one to brag about how much he loved his family. Oh how I miss my cousin. I can only hope that I myself can be more like him.

RIP Brent. 8/2/02 We love you and miss you!

“The Site”

I visited the site today
Where you went with Jesus to stay
The pain cut through me like a knife
Its not fair you lost your life
Just days into your senior year
Your friends and family shed a tear
We all gathered around one night
We mourned for you with candle light
Inside the gym where you played ball
On the very court where you gave it your all
It has been several years since you left
But at that spot has been no more death
God loaned you to us for a special price
You had to pay the ultimate sacrifice
Now no one else will die there
No other family will feel that pain
No one else will lose someone
With nothing else left to gain
Now still to this day I ask God why when I pray
But I guess the Lord giveth and the Lord taketh away
I miss you so much and think of you every day
When I see the white cross on the side of the highway

  1. AJ says:

    I remember this like yesterday.. Brent was a great friend of the family.. Him and my sister was like best friends. When he started coming around it didnt take long for him to become a “brother” to me. Granted I am 5 years younger than the rest when he came around I wasnt one left out in the crowd and he made sure of that. I was one of the big kids. I was cool and thats how Brent made me feel.. He had a heart of gold and anyone who knew him knew that. I still have a small piece to his car.. Put up in a place where noone will find it nor mess with it. And that piece of his car is how I still hold onto my “older brother”. I miss him. And I know everyone else does as well.. RIP Brent.. We all love you and miss you dearly!

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