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The Major League All-Star Game

Does it get any better than this? You have a lineup full of the best hitters in the world, and what happens? Whiff! Pitchers duel! After all was said and done there were 18 total strikeouts. The pitching matchups were some of the best. Jiminez, Johnson, Halladay, Bell, and Wainwright for the National League matched up against Price, Petite, Lee, Verlander, and Hughes with the American League, just to name a few. These over powering pitchers put down some of the biggest names in baseball with three strikes; Pujols, Howard, Jeter, Ortiz, Swisher, and Konerko just to name a few.

So Long, Boss.

Today is a sad day for all baseball fans alike. George Michael “The Boss” Steinbrenner III (July 4, 1930 – July13, 2010) has lost his life to a massive heart attack in Tampa, FL at the age of 80.

Steinbrenner led a group of investors to buy the New York Yankees in 1973. He owned the Yankees until his death, which was the longest length of time in club history. During his ownership, he led the Yankees to 11 pennants and 7 World Series titles.

My whole life I have been a huge Atlanta Braves fan. So as you know, I have always had a certain dislike for the Yankees. But, as much as you can dislike someone you have to respect them. Mr. Steinbrenner and the Yankees are due respect. Thank you Mr. Steinbrenner for all these years of wonderful baseball!

So today, on the day of the MLB All-Star Game, let us put away the National and American Leagues, let us lay down the tomahawks and pin stripes, today let us be baseball fans and mourn the loss of one of the most powerful and respected men in sports.

RIP Mr. Steinbrenner.

After reading Adam’s latest blog entry, it inspired me to write a quick post about something that ticks me off.  So keeping with the true spirit of Road Rage with A&A, here goes…. (more…)

A True Bit of Road Rage

Posted: July 13, 2010 by Adam Day in Rants and Raves
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So I’ve been trying this new thing out. Instead of getting mad at someone and screaming at the top of my lungs while riding down the road in my confined vehicle where obviously no one can hear me, I’ve decided to write about these encounters to try and clear the mind from thinking of bad things to do to these people. Hence the making of “Road Rage with A & A”. Anyhow, instead of picturing myself ramming someone’s bumper, side swiping them while driving over a mountain and watching them tumble down the rocks, or clipping them while spinning them sideways and ramming them in the side over and over and over, I figured that it would be much safer to share my experience with you all. It’s safer for everyone on the road, and I get to vent a little.

How many times have you said that in the past week? I usually lose count and sometimes figure it out if I hear it ringing. But oh crap, I think I left it on silent. Uh oh, what if the battery is dead? Oh no, I think I may have left it at work. Wait, wait, there it is…..right where I left it on my desk next to my computer. When thinking back, it simply amazes me how we as a society have come to rely on technology so much that it simply consumes our lives. (more…)

The other day, I discussed my take on alternative medicines. In this day and time, we are always looking for the miracle cure and we want results now! I found this out first hand this week when I started visiting a local chiropractor. (more…)

Interesting Blogs

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So I was doing a little blog reading today and came across a blog that caught my interest. This blog just so happened to be written by one of my friends, Joe. The link to his blog is over there to the left. Anyways, after reading this blog I thought I would share it with all of you fine readers, and I’m just too lazy to write anything today. Been a long night at work and I’m just too tired (ha). Enjoy the read and be sure to read his other blogs. There is also a poll in reference to this article on his page so make sure you visit and contribute.

Click Here —> Joe’s Place



So the state of Arizona recently passed a law that makes it a state-level crime (i.e., enforceable by local and state police) to be in this country illegally. This has stirred up a lot of controversy, and made a lot of people pretty upset. I don’t normally get involved in political discussions, but this is something I have a pretty strong opinion about, so I thought I’d throw my 2 cents in there.


Alternative medicine is something that has intrigued me for quite some time now. As a back pain sufferer, I’ll be the first to say that once you experience chronic pain, it doesnt take long for you to start looking for ways to relieve the pain. The problem is, how do you know what to believe? What works and what doesnt? (more…)

Dell and FedEx: Part Two

Posted: July 6, 2010 by Adam Day in Rants and Raves
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This is part two of the Dell and FedEx saga. If you haven’t read the first part, then this will probably make no sense at all. Scroll down to read the first part, if you don’t see it, click “Home” up above ^ and then scroll down. Thanks for reading!

So I received my computer two days after placing the order. This is before the war broke out with Dell. So I told the delivery man I was supposed to be getting two laptops, he told me the other one would probably be here the next day (psh, if he only knew). Ok, but one problem. No one will be here all day the next day. No problem says the FedEx man. Just leave a note on the door giving FedEx permission to leave the package at the door, sign it, and when I come home there will be the laptop. Simple enough right? Wrong. Now this is about the time I call Dell to find out where the laptop is. Needless to say it didn’t come in the mail the next day. However, I still write the note and sign it, just in case by some miracle it does come and I just overlooked the e-mail telling me the laptop is on its way. Well that didn’t happen. A few days later I get the e-mail saying the laptop has been shipped out of Nashville, it should be here the next day. Finally. “Honey! The laptop is on the way!” Yay, happy wife.

Dell and FedEx…I hate you.

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I would like to get this started off by giving a big shout out to Dell and FedEx, for being a bunch of arrogant, rude, ill-mannered liars. Now that being said, if anyone out there reading this knows either one of the “A’s” in “A&A”, then you will know that both myself and Adrian are big fans of customer service. Good customer service. When either of us receive bad customer service we both get a little irritated, and then our co-workers, family, and friends have to hear about it for weeks at a time. So to get this party started, I’m going to give a little tribute to the worst customer service I’ve experience in quite a while. What makes it so worse, it was two companies in one week. Thanks a lot jerks.

So as many of you know I have made the jump to purchasing a couple new laptops for myself and my wife. I looked into it and found some good prices along the way but decided to pay a little more and go with Dell since we already had an account with them, and since I didn’t have a problem with them before when I ordered my desktop. Oh how things change. I place the order for two Dell Inspiron Mini’s, one for me and one for my wife. My wife wanted a different color than the standard black that comes with it, so we changed the color. After placing the order I get an e-mail the next day saying the order has been shipped. Wow that was fast. So two days after placing the order we receive my computer, only to find out the other is still in production. Now let me be clear that I’m not upset about the delivery time here. The other computer order was placed at the same time, shipped 5 days later, and delivered…well it hasn’t been delivered yet. But that part is coming up. Let’s not get ahead of ourselves.