You So Dumb!

Posted: July 31, 2010 by Adam Day in Rants and Raves
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Antoine Dodson. Antoine the hero. A name to remember. Someone you should be paying homage to. Don’t cross Antoine. Antoine does the impossible. Antoine goes viral. These are just a few of the about 1,480,000 titles you will have pop up on your screen in a result of searching for “Antoine Dodson” on Google. Unless you have been living under a rock, or just got your internet hooked up today and haven’t signed up for Facebook, Myspace, Twitter, Yahoo, or any other Social Media, you know who Antoine Dodson is. You especially know who he is if you are from the North Alabama area, thanks to our wonderful local news.

According to Antoine and Kelly Dobson of Huntsville, someone broke into their home and go into the bed with Kelly. Kelly says that the subject then tried to rape her. Rape is no laughing matter and should be taken seriously. So some crazy fool is out breaking into peoples homes and trying to rape them. Well they won’t rape Kelly. Now we meet Antoine. Antoine heard his sister scream so he went to investigate. Upon his entering her room he found someone with his hands around his sisters neck. Antoine started fighting this piece of trash until he finally escaped. If the story ends here, Antoine is really a hero for saving his sister from being raped. Well, maybe he is anyways. But the story doesn’t end here.

So now it‘s time to report this tragedy and warn everyone in Lincoln Housing about the attempted rapist. Here we hand it off to our wonderful, courageous, fast acting local news channel WAFF , first on scene. I think the only ones on scene. WAFF 48 News, they track storms. Well they found one. They found an out of control Antoine and Kelly Dobson when they got to the scene. WAFF later stated that Antoine and his sister approached them for an interview, to tell what happened. OK. So you want to be interviewed. No foul done. Well, until the actual interview is aired on TV.

Kelly Dobson tells 48 that the creep crawled into the bed with her and tried to take her clothes off to rape her. Now they interview Antoine. Antoine Dobson stares at the camera, yelling that there is a rapist in Lincoln Park. He yells for everyone to hid your kids, wife, and husbands because the rapist is raping everybody. He also has a message for the rapist, “You are dumb, so dumb”. He tells him that he left his t-shirt and they have his fingerprints. This offender doesn’t have to confess, Antoine will find him. Homeboy.

After reading this, it doesn’t seem like much. Well, this video has gone widespread on the internet. Places like Comedy Central have even aired it. Why? Because it is funny. It angers me that our media would even air this crap, but I bet you can’t watch the video without at least cracking a smile. I for one believe that WAFF should have edited this a little more before they aired it for all the world to see. If this is the edited version, a nice printed write up on their internet site would have done just fine. Thanks WAFF for making us all around here look stupid.

Our good pal Antoine, the hero, now even has his own Facebook and Twitter pages. Now he can share his story with everyone and become a household name like he told WAFF in his SECOND INTERVIEW. Yes, they went back out for a second interview, but I’m gonna leave that one alone.

Anyways, there have been people calling the local media a “white racist media” since they aired this. Really? The media is racist because some country thug went crazy on camera? I agree, they shouldn’t have aired this, but racist? Come on. Wouldn’t someone have cried racist if they didn’t air this?

So my question, what do you think? The video is posted below. Racist? Not racist? Funny? Not funny? Sick of seeing this? I think I’ll add a poll as well.

You know, this wouldn’t be a bad story if all the attention wasn’t on Antoine. Everyone needs to know about someone breaking into homes and trying to rape people. I really hope this creep is caught, but this should have been brought to everyones attention in a completely different manner. Again, thanks WAFF. Idiots.

(Road Rage is a family site and does not take responsibility for other peoples comments on YouTube)

  1. Joe says:

    It’s funny, and it makes Antoine look like a tard. But it’s not all that different from any other interview they air on the news. If a tornado comes through a neighborhood, who do they interview? They don’t go for the well-dressed, intelligent-sounding person. They pick the biggest redneck idiot to put on TV. I don’t know if it’s to try to boost their ratings, or just because those are the people who come up and volunteer for interviews, but either way it looks bad. Especially here in Alabama. The entire country already perceives us as a bunch of white trash rednecks who can’t read… why further that stereotype.

    That said, I think that calling the whole Antoine debacle racist is just going a little too far. It’s silly, and it probably shouldn’t have been aired, but racist? Come on, where’s the racism there?

  2. Calvin Frye says:

    Adam I couldn’t agree more. This video makes the entire state of Alabama look stupid. But I guess that after our governor’s antics over the last few years, most people think that everyone in Alabama is stupid anyway.

  3. Adam Day says:

    I agree with both of ya. I guess that is my biggest gripe, everyone already thinks Alabama is full if backwoods hicks so why give even more ammo?

  4. Adrian says:

    Im thinking about getting Antoine to write for Road Rage with A&A… you like dat homeboy?

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