Road Rage With A&A is a Family Place and Will Continue to Be

Posted: July 25, 2010 by Adrian Sanders in Other

We here at Road Rage with A&A would like to remind everyone that reads and comments on our blogs that we are a family friendly place.  We may use this place to gripe and complain but we refuse to let it go down the gutter with the talk.  We have a wide array of readers from children to grandmothers, so we would appreciate it if you would do your part by helping to keep this place a family friendly environment.

So with that said, to the person who decided to write 5 different posts not only personally attacking Adam and I, but also attacking other people who commented, you are no longer welcome here.  It is obvious that you are some spineless individual just trolling around trying to get a rise out of everyone, well that wont work here.  We will not be replying to your childish comments and you should be ashamed the way you talked in these posts.  So, continue to make fake yahoo email addresses all you want, because your IP address has been flagged and you will not get any of your comments approved.

Thanks and enjoy your reading here at Road Rage with A&A.

  1. Joe says:

    Sorry, that was probably me. I’ve been sleepwalking a lot lately, and my subconscious is a jerk.

  2. Earlene says:

    Joe you should be ashamed of your self’s subconscious. My subconscious is a child even though I am a grandmother. You got two in one there.

  3. Adam Day says:

    Joe, I doubt it was you. The person that wrote that stuff called you, “Joe the Sheep”. Just saying ha.

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