We Won! Let’s Riot!

Posted: July 15, 2010 by Adam Day in Rants and Raves, Sports
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So how many times has your favorite team won a championship? The most recent that I remember is this past college football season where the Alabama Crimson Tide won the National Championship (Roll Tide!). Now when the final seconds ticked off the clock, when the game clock showed nothing but zeroes, when the players were celebrating, trying on their new shirts and hats, I can honestly say that the first thing I did not think about was, “Hey, lets go burn something”. “Lets go flip a car over and catch it on fire” did not come out of my mouth. It never crossed my mind. So WHY does it happen all the time!? Someone out there has to know the answer. Why is it that when a team wins a championship riots break out and people start destroying everything in sight. Isn’t this supposed to be a happy time? I know I was happy when my beloved Crimson Tide won the Championship, but “so happy” to destroy and burn everything in sight? Nope. That’s not how I roll I guess. I guess I enjoy the simple things in life. Like being happy after a victory. Maybe I’m just weird.

Maybe I should branch out. Maybe I should spread my wings and enjoy a win like everyone else. Like all those LA Lakers fans that tried to burn down LA. KTLA reported nearly 40 people were arrested after the Lakers won the NBA Championship this last season. Arrested for what? Public intoxication mostly. Others for vandalism, inciting a riot, and who knows what else. A Police Officer had his nose broken by some fool throwing a bottle at the Officers. Really dude? Now you’re cool. Oh ya, and in jail. Some of these intelligent people attacked a taxi cab while people were still inside. They started rocking the cab trying to flip it over while others set a car on fire that had someone inside. But wait, there’s more. For only $19.95 and a few crazy folks, you can hear about the angry mob beating someone wearing a Celtics jersey. Beating him because he tried to protect his car from vandalism. Hey maybe they just got a little excited right? Maybe they just got kinda carried away. Maybe not. Maybe this isn’t the first time this has happened. Maybe this happened just the year before, and the time before that the Lakers won the championship.

Now don’t get me wrong. I’m not picking on the Lakers here. These aren’t the only fools that have done these freakishly stupid acts. Riot police were called in to scatter all the hundreds of people in Spain after they won the World Cup. There have been numerous injuries and deaths all over the world because of sports rioting. People getting so happy they lose control and start destroying things, and killing people. Come one people! A college kid was killed a few years ago in Boston when the Red Sox beat the Yankees in the playoffs. All you have to do is search for sports riots and see what pops up. Give yourself some time though, there sure is a lot of it.

So what makes people want to go crazy and riot? Well I have no idea, but others have made cases as to what causes these big dummies to act this way. Of course there is adrenaline. After your team wins, the excitement and adrenaline that runs through you make you feel like you are about to explode. I guess adrenaline can get you all pumped up. But just because you are excited doesn’t make you want to destroy the world. Ah! Everyone else is excited too! The charged up atmosphere, the surroundings of other fools being foolish. This is what does it right? Well, maybe it adds to the craziness but I don’t think it starts it by itself. Wait a minute. Don’t they sell alcohol at these things? And if they don’t sell alcohol at them all, don’t be so naive to think that no one brings alcohol in the stadium. So add these things up and put them together and what do you have? A huge group of drunk idiots burning cars. But at least they are happy! Their team just won!

  1. Joe says:

    Yeah, I’ve never understood that. Everybody talks about that “mob mentality,” where you get caught up in the moment and just flip out. I’m not sure I buy into that, if you’re a grown person you should know better than to act like that in public. I mean, if you’re rising up against a tyrannical government, then sure, I could maybe see rioting in the streets. But because a basketball team won the championship? Please. Grow up.

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