Parking Lot Etiquette

Posted: July 13, 2010 by Adrian Sanders in Rants and Raves
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After reading Adam’s latest blog entry, it inspired me to write a quick post about something that ticks me off.  So keeping with the true spirit of Road Rage with A&A, here goes….

While driving through a grocery store parking lot this evening, I noticed just how annoying people can be.  I hate it when people just stroll through a parking lot on their way to their car, not paying any sort of attention to the traffic trying to get through the parking lot.  There was this couple walking arm in arm with each other, crossing the lanes directly in front of the store where cars are trying to get by.  Now, I always yield to pedestrians as we are supposed to, but SERIOUSLY, STEP IT UP!  THIS ISN‘T LOVERS LANE!!!  This couple was walking very slowly (they were not handicapped, I’m mean, but not that mean).  They also were crossing the traffic lanes at an angle so that it takes the longest possible amount of time.  So by the time they get done with their stroll, now there are more people coming out of the store that I must let cross.

So with that said, I have taken the time to draw you a diagram of acceptable ways to cross lanes of traffic in a parking lot.  Please study it below.  Notice that you should cross at 90 degree angles as to minimize the disruption of automobile traffic flow and keep me from getting road rage and wanting to ever so slightly tap the back of your leg with my front bumper!

  1. Adam Day says:

    I’ll give you the number to my therapist.

  2. Joe says:

    Wow, you sure put a lot of thought into this… but yeah, this annoys me to no end. Walking at an angle is the worst–you KNOW there’s a car waiting, now quit being a tard and get out of the way! The road isn’t that wide, it only takes a few seconds to cross if you’re going at least at a considerate pace.

    If there are any cars even close to me, I try to jog across the lane of traffic, because (a) I don’t want to be a jerk face, and (b) the way people drive outside WalMart, I want to get the heck out of the way as soon as possible before some moron runs me over.

  3. Melissa says:

    I despise people that drive ACROSS parking lots. I want to hit them.
    love the post!

  4. Adrian says:

    Ive come to realize that when it comes to driving, I pretty despise anything that other people are doing. So if its wrong, and I am doing it, then its ok LOL

    Thanks for reading

  5. I just hate all pedestrians, whether they are in a parking lot or not. Love your diagram, especially the aptly named “Jerkface” legend.

  6. What I hate is when they slowly stroll just in front of your car without even acknowledging you sitting there, waiting for them. It’s like I’m suddenly invisible! Come on people… smile, wave, do something!

  7. brilliantmindbrokenbody says:

    While I’ll agree with you that the diagonal stroll is a real pain in the ass…disability isn’t always visible.

    Mine wasn’t visible for years, until things got SO bad that I had to walk with crutches eventually got a service dog. But walked slowly for a long time before that. In my early 20s, I had days where an arthritic granny could walk faster than I could, and I looked perfectly healthy. ‘Invisible disabilities’ are very real things.


  8. Adrian says:

    The intent of this post was not to make fun of anyone’s disability. Sorry if you took it that way. No matter the speed of anyone walking, they can still cross in a straight line and not take forever to cross.

  9. tawmascarinn says:

    You should do a post concerning the inconsiderate jerks that leave their cars at the gas pumps while they go in to pay. The ones that run in then out aren’t that bad, but the ones that go in, jack around, chit chat, etc.!!?? While others are left waiting, waiting, waiting on a pump! Yeah, I think a gas pump etiquette post is in order.

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