A True Bit of Road Rage

Posted: July 13, 2010 by Adam Day in Rants and Raves
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So I’ve been trying this new thing out. Instead of getting mad at someone and screaming at the top of my lungs while riding down the road in my confined vehicle where obviously no one can hear me, I’ve decided to write about these encounters to try and clear the mind from thinking of bad things to do to these people. Hence the making of “Road Rage with A & A”. Anyhow, instead of picturing myself ramming someone’s bumper, side swiping them while driving over a mountain and watching them tumble down the rocks, or clipping them while spinning them sideways and ramming them in the side over and over and over, I figured that it would be much safer to share my experience with you all. It’s safer for everyone on the road, and I get to vent a little.

Everyone has road rage. Don’t even say you don’t, because we all know that you do. You are the person screaming, honking the horn, waving the “one finger wave”, and throwing empty 20oz bottles at cars. OK, maybe that is me. But still, you know you have road rage. Maybe not as much as I do, but you still have a little. Hopefully, thanks to this blog, my road rage will continue to get less and less as I pound on the keys of my laptop while sharing all of my “incidents” while driving around this city. This city full of complete morons that shouldn’t be allowed to drive a childs “Big Wheels” toy around in the backyard. Idiots!

Anyways, so today while I’m driving down the road, minding my own business, obeying all traffic laws, I slow my vehicle down and pull into the median to cross the highway to the shopping center where I’ll be getting my haircut. I check the traffic and since there are more cars coming I wait for the traffic to clear. Meanwhile, across the way from me, a work van has began his attempt to pull out onto the highway. Now this man in this van saw me sitting here, yes we made eye contact when he pulled up. He knows I was here first, so common courtesy would be to let me go ahead and cross the highway before he pulls out. We would both have plenty time to pull out when the traffic slows up. But, that won’t happen here.

So the traffic clears and as I begin to cross the highway, this ignorant fool decides to push the pedal to the floor and try to beat me. Now he is trying to pull out and continue on the highway, I’m crossing over and getting off the highway. Really no need in trying to beat me since I won’t be in front of him anyways, right? Well that’s what I thought anyways. So I proceed to get a little irritated with this gentleman and explain to him in a calm manner how I don’t appreciate him pulling out in front of me like he did. Of course the windows are up and he can’t hear me, so I have to make a few hand gestures to get my point across. Just trying to help him understand of course. After I pull into the parking lot this idiot pulls up beside me and asks me why I was so upset with him. HE ASKS ME WHY I’M UPSET! So I got upset. I explained to him that the reason I may have seemed a little upset was because he pulled out in front of me. After explaining this, he gets mad, yells, and drives off like a maniac, almost hitting other cars in the parking lot. Parked cars. Moron.

I’m now baffled. I know I was all mad at this guy, but he comes over and starts blaming me for all this? Wondering why I’m mad? Seriously? What is wrong with people? Dude, go get a “Big Wheel” and go cruising around the park with the 4 year olds, ya big dimwit!

So now I ask everyone else, have you had an encounter with some moronic idiot lately? Did you have to try to keep your road rage intact and not explode and go crazy? If so, please leave a comment and share with us your experience. But remember to keep it G rated.

Thanks and hope you enjoyed your read.

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  1. Rick says:

    I would post some experiences but the statute of limitations isn’t up yet!

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