Oh Crap! Where’s My Phone?

Posted: July 12, 2010 by Adrian Sanders in Rants and Raves
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How many times have you said that in the past week? I usually lose count and sometimes figure it out if I hear it ringing. But oh crap, I think I left it on silent. Uh oh, what if the battery is dead? Oh no, I think I may have left it at work. Wait, wait, there it is…..right where I left it on my desk next to my computer. When thinking back, it simply amazes me how we as a society have come to rely on technology so much that it simply consumes our lives.

If you think you aren’t one of those people, you may want to take a closer look at yourself. I think people of my Grandmother’s generation are about the only ones who aren’t. I even bought my Grandmother a cell phone a few years back and she is finally starting to realize how much of a convenience it can be. Of course, that didn’t happen until she locked her keys in her car one day and needed to call me to come let her in her house. She finally admitted to me that it was now a convenience to her and not just “one of those things I’ve always lived without”.

Seriously though, just stop and think about how much technology consumes us. I got my first cell phone at the ripe old age of sixteen. I can remember hearing horror stories of people getting gigantic bills from the cell phone companies because they forgot to end the call. So I was afraid to use it. One of my first jobs was delivering electrical goods and I had to carry a pager so my boss could contact me if needed. I also carried my cell phone only in case of emergency. So when my boss paged me, I would stop and use a pay phone to call the office. How ridiculous, right? A couple years later, I finally got over all that fear of a large bill and just started to use my phone in a responsible manner.

Now, when I was 16, which was only 12 years ago, if someone told me I would have internet capabilities on my cell phone, I would have laughed them out the door. But hey, fast forward to today and look what I have! My Iphone pretty much allows me to do anything I could do on my home computer except print. And in a round about way, even that is possible. I wonder how long before we have personal pocket sized printers? Maybe I should get on that so I can make my million.

I tell you all this because I amaze myself sometimes with how crazy I get with technology. Let me take you through my typical day. I wake up and check my cell phone for calls, which of course is right next to me on the night stand because there is no way I could sleep peacefully if it were not within a ten foot radius of my person. After reviewing any calls and voicemails, I kick on the WiFi and check my email while still laying in bed. Hey look, I have 10 new notifications on Facebook! I wouldn’t want to get up now and use my computer, so I check all that. I can honestly tell you that after I awake, I am still in bed at least ten minutes a day thanks to the super convenience of my Iphone. The remainder of my day is filled with several checks of the email and Facebook. I wouldn’t want to miss out on anything going on in other people’s lives. I mean, how in the heck did I live my life before without knowing what all my friends are doing at this exact moment, who they are mad at, who’s cheating who and what everyone is eating for dinner? Have you really thought about how much we use social networking sites these days? I for one would be devastated if say Facebook just up and said “we quit”. I love social networking. I have reunited with so many classmates and numerous people I have simply lost touch with over the years. However, I am definitely the first to admit that I tend to stay logged on way too much. Maybe I should do some sort of Facebook detox program.

With that said, any time I leave home and just so happen to forget my phone, I freak out. I get so anxious at times because I feel so out of touch. I try to tell myself that I am freaking because I have no way to call for help if needed, but I’m lying to myself. It really just means that Im not able to check my email and Facebook. And if it clouds up outside, I can’t pull up the weather radar on my phone to see what’s going on. How ever shall I survive my day?

I know as a fact that I am not the only person who is this crazy about technology. It’s just so funny to me because I can vividly remember how I used to carry on about my life with no cell phone, email or internet. Miraculously, I went several places and made it back home just fine! Its funny, because this blog entry contains several of today’s terms such as WiFi and my word processing software sees it as a mis-spelled word.  It seriously wasn’t that long ago that we lived without all of this.  Maybe we could all benefit from taking a little technology out of our lives, but hey why not use it if it’s available? I just hope it all doesn’t come crashing down on us on day.  What is that? I hear a ringing noise. Where’s my phone?

  1. Joe says:

    You’re right, it’s crazy how reliant we are on all that crap… it just seems bizarre that 15 years ago nobody had a cell phone, and everybody lived without it just fine, but nowadays I just feel naked and disconnected if I leave the house without my cell phone.

  2. Melissa says:

    i am 30 and remember not having a phone during several car wrecks and late nights when I was a teenager…I also remember not having internet, or computers! How in the world could I survive now!?! Facebook is an unhealthy obsession too, but I must know what everyone is doing. all. of. the. time. Don’t worry, in 30-40 years we won’t understand why all these kids need flying cars either. 🙂

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