Alternative Medicine: Miracle Cure or Snake Oil? (Part 2)

Posted: July 10, 2010 by Adrian Sanders in Rants and Raves
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The other day, I discussed my take on alternative medicines. In this day and time, we are always looking for the miracle cure and we want results now! I found this out first hand this week when I started visiting a local chiropractor.

First off, as I stated before, I am personally open minded when it comes to alternative medicines. I dont believe that every ailment we suffer from needs medicating with prescriptions and shots. If you can heal yourself without introducing foreign substances, then why not? However, dont get me wrong here, If Im sick enough or feel I need to go to the doctor, I will not hesitate to do so. I just think some people are too quick to get medicated or they simply dont do things to prevent sickness in the first place. For example, I read before where putting hydrogen peroxide in your ear canals will help kill a cold virus. I began doing this once every week or so about a year ago and I can honestly tell you that I survived a full winter without getting sick. Coincidence? Maybe so, but its the first winter I can remember where I didnt get sick. Being that I am not a doctor, I want everyone to understand that I am in no way entitled to give medical advice, so any of the information you read here, please research it and try at your own risk. Im just telling you that I believe it works.

With that said, the human mind is a wonderful thing! If you want to make yourself believe something, it really doesnt take much to make it happen. We simply believe what we want. I found this out on my second visit to the chiropractor. When discussing my recent weight loss with the nurse, she told me I should try this new ionic detoxifying foot bath that they now offer. When I told her I didnt really know, she assured me it works because you can see the toxins floating in the water when you are done soaking your feet (eww). After discussing my treatment plan, she told me my package comes with 3 of these foot baths at no added cost to me, or in my opinion that means I paid for them somehow so I may as well use them. So while waiting for my adjustments, I elected to go ahead and try it. I put my feet in this bath of salt water, put a grounding strap on my arm and the nurse dropped this little electrode thingy down in the water. Lo and behold, after about 5 minutes the water started turning a murky brown and these pieces of something started floating up. Now, I have to be honest here. I honestly believed it was doing something, I just didnt see that it was seriously pulling this stuff out of the pores in the bottom of my feet. But hey the proof is in the pudding right? I mean it was hard not to believe……but honestly, I felt no different when I was done.

Now, Im the type person that when something perplexes me, I wont give up until I figure it out. I will research and research until I can get myself to believe what I feel is right or wrong. And my opinion is ALWAYS right (HA). So that evening I went home and researched this online to see what was really going. It didnt take long before I found a YouTube video review of the exact machine my chiropractor had in his office. The guy hooked a carrot up to it and immersed it in the water. Not even a few minutes goes by and the water started turning murky brown, just as it did when I was soaking my feet. So either this carrot had the same toxins in it that my body supposedly had, or there was some sort of mockery going on here. I soon found out it was the latter. Do you remember back in grade school when you hooked a nail up to a battery and immersed it in salt water? Do you remember what happened? IT RUSTED….within minutes!!! Do you see where Im going with this? When you put this grounding strap on your arm you are completing a low amperage electrical circuit, thus causing the immersed electrodes to begin to rust. After seeing this video and having it explained in that manner, I felt so stupid. This particular doctor that did the video explained how he was in my same shoes. He went to a seminar and bought this thing because he couldnt help but believe what was right before his eyes. He then stated that that only reason he decided to do some research was because he had patients coming in claiming they were continuing their bad habits such as smoking, drinking, etc and then coming in and detoxing. So after figuring out the real deal he raised enough stink with the manufacturer until they agreed to give him his money back.

When I tell this story, everybody immediately goes crazy and tells me I should change chiropractors because he must be a quack. Normally I may think that but I can honestly see where this is all a misinterpretation of what the machine does…..heck I saw it with my own eyes for starts and somewhat believed it. Just because he has one of these machines, I have no reason to believe his chiropractic work lacks in quality. Now if after my treatment, my back health hasnt improved, then its a different story. But for now, I have faith in the guy and what he does. However, I wont be purchasing any foot baths anytime soon. Im still debating if I should talk to him about this. Its kind of like biting the hand that feeds you if you know what I mean. But something tells me at some point this will bug me enough and I will ask to speak to him about it.

In conclusion, just be careful of what you believe. Dont always rule out alternative medicine because there are definitely some things out there that can help you. Just be very careful with what your mind can make you believe. It will definitely play tricks on you, it can even make money disappear from your wallet!

p.s.- Did you know that snake oil is rich in omega 3’s? I sell it for only $100 per bottle. Email me for more information : )

  1. Joe says:

    Well, I’m sold. I’ll take 10 bottles of snake oil, and an ionic foot ruster bath.

  2. call2write says:

    Congratulations on being Freshly Pressed!

    As a long time believer in alternative medicine, I also believe in researching methods and treatments. I hope the chiropractor doesn’t know his machine is ‘faking’ results, but I would definitely talk to him about it if it were me. I have a very good chiropractor, and regular adjustments are a huge benefit to me for pain management. The alternative, according to Drs., is to be constantly doped up, which leads to a whole bunch of other problems.

    Great post!

  3. Alternative Medicine: Miracle Cure or Snake Oil (Part 2)…

    I found your entry interesting do I’ve added a Trackback to it on my weblog :)…

  4. Adrian says:

    Hey Call2Write,
    When did this get freshly pressed? I missed it if it did.

    • call2write says:

      I’m sorry Adrian, but I can’t find it on WP’s ‘Pressed’ pages now. Either it’s scrolled off, or I found your blog through another FP blog and commented in the wrong place. I specifically remember seeing your Road Rage graphic and title though, so it’s a mystery to me now as to where that was.

      Anyway, if you weren’t Freshly Pressed, you should be!! 🙂

  5. Kathy says:

    Ok…If you haven’t been sick in over a year, why would you ever call in sick???? LOL

  6. Adrian says:

    Shut up Kathy! “I dont feel like working” is classified as sick lol

  7. bob in exile says:

    Adrian, my Doctor here in Mexico tells me a person should investigate everything before making a decision. When the Spanish Conquistadors came in 1521 they found many herbalist Doctors , within 3 years the apothecary shops of Europe tripled in size…WHY? Because the Aztecs had been experimenting with herbs for hundreds of years. The fact is modern medicines are based on herbal extracts. Sometimes the simplest thing can cure an ailment that a Licensed Dr. will charge you hundred of Dollars for.

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