Dell and FedEx: Part Two

Posted: July 6, 2010 by Adam Day in Rants and Raves
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This is part two of the Dell and FedEx saga. If you haven’t read the first part, then this will probably make no sense at all. Scroll down to read the first part, if you don’t see it, click “Home” up above ^ and then scroll down. Thanks for reading!

So I received my computer two days after placing the order. This is before the war broke out with Dell. So I told the delivery man I was supposed to be getting two laptops, he told me the other one would probably be here the next day (psh, if he only knew). Ok, but one problem. No one will be here all day the next day. No problem says the FedEx man. Just leave a note on the door giving FedEx permission to leave the package at the door, sign it, and when I come home there will be the laptop. Simple enough right? Wrong. Now this is about the time I call Dell to find out where the laptop is. Needless to say it didn’t come in the mail the next day. However, I still write the note and sign it, just in case by some miracle it does come and I just overlooked the e-mail telling me the laptop is on its way. Well that didn’t happen. A few days later I get the e-mail saying the laptop has been shipped out of Nashville, it should be here the next day. Finally. “Honey! The laptop is on the way!” Yay, happy wife.

Why couldn’t this story end here? I really wish I could tell you that the next day we come home and there is a laptop sitting next to my front door, the door that has the signed slip giving permission to FedEx to leave the package by this said door. I really wish I could. Trust me I really do. Because then, like I said before, I’d have a happy wife. Well to put it nicely, she still wants her laptop. So, the story doesn’t end here.

So we return home from a day of frolicking in the sun with family. Frolicking. Ha. I’ve always liked that word. Anyways, we get home excited to see the laptop waiting for us. You know, happy wife. Hey guess what! NO LAPTOP! Just a sign stuck to the door saying that FedEx cannot leave my package at the door with a signed note. They leave me another slip to sign that will give them permission to. Apparently they only let you sign their own slip which gives them permission. Thank you mister FedEx delivery guy that came the other day for telling me this. If I would have known this, then I would have stayed home till the laptop was delivered, then went to spend time with the family, taken the laptop to my wife, would have seen her face light up, she got her laptop just a couple days after her birthday, and yep…you guessed it, happy wife. WRONG! So the person I am, I decide to make a phone call to FedEx. Explain very nicely to them what the other deliver person told me and see if I can still get my package today. Since the note that was left is time stamped, I can see that he JUST LEFT MY HOUSE. So he should still be in the area. This should be easy. HAHAHAHA, right.

So now I’m on the phone with FedEx. The lady that I’m talking to is extremely nice. She is trying to help me out. Even while I’m on hold, she keeps picking up telling me how she is sorry I have to be on hold and she is still working on my problem. Wow. That is cool, thank you. So after she tells me she is going to let me speak to a manager because she isn’t sure about this and she isn’t sure what to do, all the joyful happiness starts to fade away. Picture this. It’s a hot summer day. You are laying in the hammock in the front yard. Bar-B-Que is on the grill. Kids are in the pool, fireworks are being shot off, and all of a sudden it starts raining cats and dogs. No, more like elephants and rhinos. The rain puts out the grill, no more fireworks, no more pool, and no more hammock. Well the rain, that would be the manager from FedEx. This manager is such a jerk. Before I have a chance to say anything he informs me that he has been brought up to speed with my situation and like his associate told me there is nothing more he can do. This guy continues in a sarcastic tone of how the delivery man is gone for the day, no longer in the area, and at his house. I say again that the slip is time stamped so I know that he JUST left my house. This manager then asks me that since the delivery man just left my house why wasn’t I there to get the package and tells me that we will have to wait till later to get the package. Later being about five days later while the laptop sits on a truck in the ninety degree weather we are having. The manager said the driver parks the truck at his house until the next delivery. Man I really hope my computer works when I get it. Now, if I would have been told by a manager (because I always talk to the manager JUST IN CASE, you never know what strings they can pull) that there is nothing more they can do, apologized for the other delivery guy making false promises, and been NICE, then I would have been fine. However, since this jerk face decides to yell and get smart with me, again, I tell him how I really feel about the whole situation and he proceeds to hang up on me (I would have hung up on me too).

So, to sum it all up, I am very disappointed with FedEx and Dell’s customer service. Or the lack there of. The pathetic excuse of customer service they offer is a joke. I e-mailed Dell and told them what happened, well they just replied, after FedEx tried to deliver the package. They went on to say, and I quote, “I would like to request you to please make arrangements so that someone is available at home to sign for the package”. There were two sentences about understanding my disappointment and apologizing for not getting an answer. The rest was about how I wasn’t there to get the delivery. Thanks for helping Dell. Losers. Since I haven’t e-mailed FedEx yet, I think what I’ll do is, of course reply to Dell, and send FedEx a link to this blog. Never know, they may actually read it. Just in case they don‘t, I may copy and paste it in the e-mail as well. Just to be sure they get to read it. So Dell and FedEx, as you can see I’m still a little agitated at the lack of care from either of you and curious to see if there is anything to be done to fix the problem. You have my e-mail and phone number (and probably my picture by now too). I look forward to hearing from you.

If there is a next time, don’t be a topic.


  1. LP bell says:

    There’s always a way! Some companies offer auto-voice responders just like messaging but for doors. you might be interested in that. I had a similar problem: wasting a day of work for a delivery…

    I called this web solutions company and they give me exactly what i needed: A little custom-made program on my laptop that says: “leave the package in the mailbox, i won’t open you i’m not allowed to open doors to strangers and to sign your paper…” in a kid voice all connected to a little webcam…

    They are genuises!!!!
    cost= 225$ CAD
    time= google translate their site to english= 10min…

    go check it out…. good luck on the rest

    I’ll read trew the rest, you got good content, keep it up

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