Dell and FedEx…I hate you.

Posted: July 5, 2010 by Adam Day in Rants and Raves
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I would like to get this started off by giving a big shout out to Dell and FedEx, for being a bunch of arrogant, rude, ill-mannered liars. Now that being said, if anyone out there reading this knows either one of the “A’s” in “A&A”, then you will know that both myself and Adrian are big fans of customer service. Good customer service. When either of us receive bad customer service we both get a little irritated, and then our co-workers, family, and friends have to hear about it for weeks at a time. So to get this party started, I’m going to give a little tribute to the worst customer service I’ve experience in quite a while. What makes it so worse, it was two companies in one week. Thanks a lot jerks.

So as many of you know I have made the jump to purchasing a couple new laptops for myself and my wife. I looked into it and found some good prices along the way but decided to pay a little more and go with Dell since we already had an account with them, and since I didn’t have a problem with them before when I ordered my desktop. Oh how things change. I place the order for two Dell Inspiron Mini’s, one for me and one for my wife. My wife wanted a different color than the standard black that comes with it, so we changed the color. After placing the order I get an e-mail the next day saying the order has been shipped. Wow that was fast. So two days after placing the order we receive my computer, only to find out the other is still in production. Now let me be clear that I’m not upset about the delivery time here. The other computer order was placed at the same time, shipped 5 days later, and delivered…well it hasn’t been delivered yet. But that part is coming up. Let’s not get ahead of ourselves.

So back to Dell. Shortly after I receive my computer I decide to place a call to Dell to see if I can find out why the other is still in production. Well, that went over like a pork chop at a kosher wedding. Apparently I was bothering the 50 people that I talked to. Again, all I wanted to know was why this computer was still in production. I was pretty sure I knew the answer, because of the color change, but I wanted to be for sure. Is that so wrong? So after two days of talking to people I finally got the answer, just what I expected, the color. But in between me calling the first time and finally getting the answer, I was treated with such disrespect from the “customer service” people at Dell. They would continuously transfer me to the “manager” or the “warehouse production manager”, which the number would be out of service and the phone would hang up. So after calling back and sitting on hold for at least 5-10 minutes every time I called back, I would let them know that the number they are transferring me to is not working. So they would in return put me on hold while they “tried to help me”. It got so bad at one point while I was asking someone if they could just tell me what was going on that the “customer service” employee started yelling at me saying he gave me all the information he could and hung up on me. Now, most of you know that I have a short fuse when I get mistreated or yelled at. I get just a tad upset when these things happen. But, up until this point I was still being nice trying to get information. That all changed on my next call. When they finally answered I had been through enough and let them have it. I told them how I was sick of being treated this way and how I would never make another purchase with Dell again. After sitting on hold again, I finally spoke to someone that explained to me what the hold up was. The color of the computer. Fine. Thank you. That was all I wanted to hear. So after two days of calling I finally got an answer from someone.

I really wish I could remember what all was said during my “phone fights” so I could pass it on, but I’m passed worrying with Dell now. I will never buy anything else from Dell. It is amazing how someone can treat a customer that way after I made a pretty expensive purchase. To have a “customer service” rep from a major company mistreat, hang up on, and yell at customers is ridiculous. That sort of behavior is uncalled for. If they would have spent a little time to figure out what I needed the first time I called then none of this would have happened. Instead they kept trying to pass the problem on to someone else. Again, I will never to business with Dell again. Now it is on to FedEx.

But that will have to wait.
Tomorrow…Part Two.

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