NASCAR: Fact or Fiction?

Posted: July 4, 2010 by Adrian Sanders in Rants and Raves

If you heard a loud cheering crowd to your south on Friday night, chances are it was coming from Daytona Beach, Florida. That’s because Dale Earnhardt, Jr. took the Wrangler #3 car to victory lane at the Daytona International Speedway. The last time that happened was when his father, the late Dale Earnhardt took that paint scheme to victory lane in 1987 and later took the series title.

Now, Im here to say that I am not a Dale Earnhardt, Jr. fan. I know that my co-writer Adam Day is a huge fan, so he will probably be surprised by what I have to say here. I was a huge Dale Earnhardt Sr. fan but after he passed, I just couldnt jump on the Jr. bandwagon. With that said, I may joke about it and pick with the Jr. fans, but in all actuality, it ticks me off to hear all of the other fans out there claiming this race was rigged. Where I come from, we call these people sore losers. If you are one of these sore losers, hear me out. How exactly do you think NASCAR (or anyone else for that matter) could even come close to “fixing” one of these races? I have spent a good part of my life around racers, teams and others involved in the sport of racing, so I feel pretty confident in what I am saying. If you want to know the definition of competition, go to your local racetrack and just watch. I was at my local track Friday night and there were two guys who almost got into a slug fest over a demolition derby (ha, you’re my hero Krack!). For those who dont know, the object of a demolition derby is to wreck the cars and tear them up. But competition is there just like in a regular race. Seriously, racecar drivers and crews are some of the most passionate people I know.

Now think about this. In any given NASCAR race, there are 43 drivers in the field of cars. How do you explain to 42 other guys that today you will all be losers? There is no way in this world you could ever get me to believe that this could happen and all those drivers could be like “well okay”. If so, then why not throw a wrench in the dryer and rig the race for someone who runs in the back and is an underfunded team? Because it simply doesnt happen. It would be the same as finding 43 five year old kids and giving one of them a huge bag of candy. Im pretty sure that wouldnt go over very well with the rest of the kids. Besides, lets say NASCAR does pick Dale, Jr. to win the race. What if he gets wrecked or blows an engine? Who wins now? Yeah yeah, let me guess, blown engines are setup by NASCAR too right?

All of us race fans have our favorite drivers and we all tend to get a little whiny when our driver doesnt win. But if your favorite driver does win, all of a sudden, of course it isnt rigged! So here goes (talking through my teeth)….I want to give credit where credit is due. Congratulations Dale, Jr. on a job well done. It really is cool to see the #3 back in victory lane. Oh yeah, and go Carl Edwards!!!!


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