Share the Road, Share the Respect

Posted: July 1, 2010 by Adrian Sanders in Rants and Raves
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While chatting on Facebook the other day, a friend of mine reminded me of a topic that I felt compelled to blog about. When I am driving, I have absolutely no problem sharing the road with people on bicycles, but some of these people need to start using their noodle.

First off, it is in my opinion that if you are holding up traffic because you are going 40 mph slower than me, and there is a sidewalk, you should be riding your happy little tail on the sidewalk. While I understand that sidewalks are generally used by people walking, it doesnt hurt you to take a stroll on your bike for a few minutes to let cars pass. Or here’s an idea…..just move over to the side where I can still pass you. Theres nothing more irritating than to be riding along behind a cyclist on a busy road and they are just strolling along casually in the MIDDLE of my freaking lane! You sir are a jerkface…..MOVE OVER!

So now I will take up for you cyclists who are reading this. I went on a 5 mile bike ride around my neighborhood about a month ago. I will most likely NEVER do this again. There are way too many people out there driving like idiots and not paying any attention to what they are doing. It literally scared me senseless the way some people would actually speed up to pass me to the point of where the wind nearly knocked me off my bike. As per state law, you are to ride your bike in the direction of traffic. There is nothing more scary when your back is facing approaching traffic and you cant really see to tell if they can see you. And yes, I had a bright yellow reflective vest on so I know I was visible. Just figured Id throw that out there before someone says it. At any rate, Im not going to plaster “share the road” stickers all over my truck and go to the county commission requesting special rights as a cyclist…..I will simply take my safety into consideration and not ride my bicycle on the road.

Another point I want to bring up is a local issue here in my hometown. There has been legislation at city council meetings recently where bike groups are trying to get the city to pay for more bike lanes. While I can understand the point of a bike lane, its not a complete safety buffer. What keeps someone from still not paying attention and drifting off into the bike lane and hitting a cyclist? Im sure it has happened. I think that people who want to ride their bicycle should do so in a safer environment than the roadway. For instance locally, we have several parks around, greenways with paved paths, or heres an idea…SIDEWALKS! I just dont think that tax payers should be made to pay for added bike lanes to local roadways. I mean, I would like my own personal lane to drive in when I travel to work. I wonder if I can rally the city to pay for that?

Please dont take me the wrong way with all this. I have friends who are cyclists. I just think that the people who are always chanting “share the road” should maybe think about sharing the respect. I find it hard to believe that all bicycle vs vehicle accidents are always the vehicle drivers fault. It is my belief that if me and my bike weigh a combined 270 lbs, I should ALWAYS merge to any object that is 3,000 lbs and traveling 60 mph no matter who is right or wrong.

  1. Adam Day says:

    I understand having a passion for something. I also understand wanting to exercise and get in shape, OK maybe not that one, but come on people. Use your brain. I agree that when a large piece of metal is coming towards me, might be a good idea to move over. Recently in the news, not sure where it happened, but there was a lady hit by a car and killed. She was on a bicycle and a car came around a curve from behind her and hit her. Driver didn’t see her. If you ask me that is not the fault of the driver of the car, she shouldn’t have been in the middle of the road in a curve. Use safety measures people. I was listening to Dale Jackson the other morning and he was saying the same thing. Brought up another good point about the new bike lane. Are bicyclists going to have to have insurance on their bikes if they ride in the road? What if they cause a wreck, or run into a car and damage it. Some of the callers on the show got kinda carried away but in all reality, if my car got hit by a bike, or wrecked because of one, then I think that person should be responsible. Just my opinion.

    • Adrian says:

      Thats the best idea I have heard in a long time. If my tax dollars cater to the bike lane, then they should have to be insured. I think if you operate any type of moving vehicle on a highway, then you should be insured… insurance shouldnt be responsible if not at fault. As I stated, not all accidents are the car drivers fault, but the media sure makes it look that way.

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