Precious Time

Posted: June 29, 2010 by Adam Day in Other
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While standing in my garage talking to my brother about manly things, he made a comment about how he was happy our wives were chatting it up about our flower garden and some tree that beetle’s like to eat. After his comment we turned to each other and almost simultaneously said, “Wow, we have wives”. We talked about how crazy it is that seems like just yesterday we were rolling around in the front yard of mom’s house wrestling and carrying on, wait maybe it was yesterday? Anyways, he made the comment how I was getting old since I just turned 26 recently. Downhill to 30. We continued talking about our lives and how we both have houses, cars, working full time, and how he is in school. Time sure does fly. Which brings me to partly what this is about. Time files. Time is precious. I’ve always known this but I learned a lesson lately, when this slapped me in the face. The lesson? It wasn’t a death, a birth, a wedding, or anything like that. This may sound crazy, but my lesson of time flies was when my son had his first haircut. As he sat in the airplane seat, watched “Finding Nemo” on the TV hanging on the wall, and tried to eat the ladies spray bottle at “Spoiled Rockin Kidz“ (a GREAT place if you have kids, the people there were awesome!), I realized that my baby boy is growing up. Yes he is only a year old, but I now realize what I have been told so many years by my parents and others with children. Turning a year old is quite the big deal, I think more for the parents than for the baby. I’m sorry, the toddler. Anyways, watching my little man fly that airplane while getting his haircut made me stand with pride and just wanting to yell at everyone in the business and tell them my baby boy is growing up.

Now if you don’t have kids, you may be reading this wondering what the big deal is. As my son gets older, it makes me realize that he is going to be heading off to preschool soon. After that it is kindergarten. On to middle school, then high school, and hopefully I pray one day he will go to college (so he can be scouted by the Atlanta Braves and play Major League Baseball so daddy can have a big house and nice cars and not have to work!). When I think about him growing up, these are the things I think about, and to be honest, it scares the life out of me (except the part about him playing for the Braves, then I just get excited and imagine what it’s like to live in a huge house, drive a vette, and have season tickets to the Braves games to watch my son play ha). It does scare me, but at the same time it is so fun watching him grow up. I tell my wife all the time how much fun I have watching him play with his toys. Just the little things like him learning how to roll a car across the living room floor brings me joy. Then if you add in the other things like him learning to wave, point at things he wants, clap, and trying to mimic what you say, I feel like I will explode with “dad pride”. Of course his first words had to be “mama”, but when I heard him say “dada” I believe my life stood still for a few minutes. Nothing in this world can compare to having your baby look at you and call you by name (my name is officially dada ha).

So for him to grow up he has to have birthday parties. Wow, one down and a ton more to go. I’m glad these things only come once a year. While I was so happy and enjoyed watching him having fun and opening gifts, it wore me out. I need a year to recuperate, at least. Now if you are familiar with 1st birthday parties then you know that the birthday boy/girl is supposed to have their own cake. Well, my son has this cake in front of him and as he starts to stick his hand in it to grab a big chunk to eat, he stops, looks around, then sticks his finger in the icing and barely eats a small piece. He keeps looking around waiting for someone to take the cake from him. When he finally realized that the cake was for him and he could dig in, well, he dug in. Cake and icing everywhere. All over his face and body. But he had fun. And so did I. He has now started to walk. Wow. My baby is, uh excuse me, my toddler is walking! He started taking a few steps before his birthday but now, on his birthday, he is standing up and walking all the way across the living room by himself. Again the whole “dad pride” thing just about exploded out of me again.

Time is so precious. Before we know it he will be off to school and moved out. Then we will look back on his first birthday and agree that time was indeed precious. I’m going to make the best of it. Not only for my son but for others in my life. This is something we all need to do. Stop our hectic lives and take a step back, look around, and just enjoy the moments we have now. Whether you want to play a round of golf, catch a baseball game, go fishing, or spend it with family, these are precious times and we should treat it as that. You never know when these precious moments will no longer be here. So I say to myself as much or more than to anyone else, spend your time wisely, and enjoy it. Bring joy to someone else’s life, it will rub off on you. So to my brother, yes, you are right, I’m getting old. But I’m gonna have fun all the way there, thanks to my son!

  1. Adrian says:

    You let your 1 year old son get his hair cut while flying an airplane?!?!?!? HOLY CRAP! My parents wouldnt even let me use a spoon when I was a year old!

    Seriously though, good read. I know we have had a million conversations that end with “you dont understand because you dont have kids”…..and I know this is true. But I do understand how precious time can be. I think all the time about how my life may be different if I still had my parents here. And holy crap it does seem like yesterday when my biggest worry in life was which friends house I left my favorite hot wheels car at.

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