At least I think Im normal….

Posted: June 26, 2010 by Adrian Sanders in Rants and Raves

So today I wanted to write about something that I think we are all afflicted with to some point….obsessive compulsive disorder. If anyone says they arent OCD to some extent they may want to check into their daily routine.

Myself, I get made fun of all the time by my co-workers for some of the quirky things that just get under my skin. The number one thing being my keys. In order for my life to stay in harmony, all of my keys have to be placed on my keyring in order of size and all the cut sides have to be facing the same way. So there ya go….if you ever want to get under my skin, now you know what to do. And trust me, my co-workers have done it to me many times. This is just something I cant explain to you. It just doesnt seem right unless my keys are in this order and facing the right way. Please tell me there is more than just me out there!

While sitting here writing this, its hard to think of a lot of the small weird things I do to keep my world in unison. However, it can range from making sure my radio pre-sets are in numerical order to not being able to function with any tangles in my phone cord at work. My latest fiasco is how I am particular about my vehicle. Im sure most of you are familiar with getting an alignment on your vehicle. Doing this regularly helps keep your tires from wearing unevenly and prematurely. I was discussing with co-workers that the next time I go to get my alignment, I was going to get it done with me sitting in the vehicle since Im pretty much the only one in the vehicle at any given time. Based on the look on their face, you would have thought I farted and scratched my butt in public or something. I wont go into detail about why I am this particular because the average Joe wouldnt understand. So I told them I would include this in my blog just to prove to them that I can rally up some support from those who think in the same manner. I honestly dont think of this as OCD, I think of this as being smart and being ahead of the game.

The other day I was watching a television show about people with severe cases of OCD. I mean, what I do in my life is not even close to what these whackjobs are doing. I shouldnt say that because it is a disorder. But seriously, some of these people are out there and they make me feel quite normal. However, it is my honest belief that we all possess this disorder to some extent. You may not realize it now, but seriously….just think about it.

Ok so now that you are done thinking, Im interested in hearing from our readers. What are the little quirky things that must be in order for you to keep your sanity? I’d also just appreciate some support from those who know Im not crazy HA! Til next time, dont become a topic!

  1. Joe says:

    Rationalize it all you want, but mental illness is nothing to be ashamed of.

    Also, where the heck is my shout out? Just using my name out of context doesn’t count.

  2. ok…..less than average Joe

  3. Adam Day says:

    So after reading the symptoms of OCD compulsion and obsession at The Mayo Clinic, I’ve decided that what you do now is only the beginning of your disease. Turning the keys around is one thing but when you start to have impulses to shout obscenities in inappropriate situations, making sure all your canned goods face the same way, or suffer hair loss or bald spots because of hair pulling then I’ll start worrying. Actually, maybe you should see a doctor.

    But out of all seriousness I do believe that everyone has a little OCD, or habits that you keep. I know I have to keep certain things in my house like my bookshelf, computer desk, and night stand in a certain order or it drives me crazy. Not really sure if this falls under OCD or not but I am positive it doesn’t fall under “perfectionist”. I’m far from there. According to The Mayo Clinic counting in certain patterns can be a form of OCD as well, well if this is the case then I guess I have a mild form of it too. Not gonna go into detail, but I guess I should stop making fun of you. You freak.

  4. James Knowles says:

    Adrian, what in world, chill man, or you may just end up bald from to much stress. Trust me I would know.

  5. Adam, I dont think counting on your fingers is under that category

  6. Kathy says:

    Yeah, you are OCD…you are still young, so I am sure the older you get..the worse it will get. There is help now.

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