If Facebook Were Adrianbook

Posted: June 25, 2010 by Adrian Sanders in Rants and Raves

So maybe Im just a little too anal about some things and worry myself over things that just dont matter, but I’ve just gotta clear the air on something here. Some people get way too involved in facebook, sometimes to the point of being annoying. So today I bring you the rules of “AdrianBook” (in a perfect world of course).

1. So what if you have 9,758,254 friends? Now I ask WHY? I’ve never understood the point in approving any and everybody to be your friend. I dont even see how you keep up with them all…..or better yet even care to.

2. Stop being a fan of every freakin’ thing!. It is so annoying to read that today you became a fan of 99 different pages only to see that tomorrow you will be a fan of 200 more. You are wasting space on my news feed, STOP IT. Besides, most of those pages have no point other than to entertain some giggling little 14 year old girl in Brazil somewhere.

3. Farmville!!! Oh holy crap I hate getting these invites with a passion. Plus, I see people all the time freaking out because they didnt water their crops today. Seriously? I wish that were my only problem today was figuring out the best time to water my cyber crops. How about if you are that bored, you can come to my house and cut the grass, water the flowers and feed the dog…..IN REAL LIFE!  You will be envy of all your farmville neighbors because all they get to do is feed a fake dog.

4. Chain status updates…..you know the people who post every single little thing that goes on in their life? For example Adrian is getting out bed…..Adrian is getting a shower……Adrian is thinking about what I should do today……Adrian figured out what to do……….Adrian has so much to do today…BLAH BLAH BLAH BLAH BLAH SHUT UP! Nobody cares that much about your life and daily routine! If you dont believe me, take a gander at how many replies you get to these stauses.

5. Status updates that cry for attention. If you dont want the world to know, then dont bring it up. I hate when people put a status like “Adrian is so sad”…..then when somebody asks why, you say “Its a personal matter”. Well arent we just asking for some attenton?

6.  People who use a profile pic of someone other than themselves.  Im all for people showing off their kids and being proud, but its YOUR page, so the profile pic should be of you.  Same goes for all the people who just put random stuff up that isnt even a picture of anyone.  Are you that ugly?

7. And last but certainly not least, on AdrianBook, you will not be allowed to post mixed statuses. For example if someone says “My loving dog passed away today but things are looking up because I just found a $100 bill”. So I click on “like” because finding money is awesome! However, now I look like the big jerk that is dancing around with joy because your dog died. Dont put me in this situation.

I’m sure I will think of more. If you have any to add, feel free to post them by replying to this topic. Until tomorrow….remember, if youre gonna be an idiot, youre gonna be a topic.

  1. Adam Day says:

    While I agree with most of what you are saying, like we just talked about before you posted this, I will have to put in my two cents about the whole picture part. And since I am the first A in A&A I think I have the right to…ha! If someone wants to put a picture of a fish they saw in their great uncles pond then that is fine by me. Maybe they just want to show it off. Yes I know that when they upload pictures it shows up on the main page but what if I haven’t logged on in a while to update my status, you know the every five minutes of telling you what I’m going to do today, then changing my mind, then telling you about my pet gold fish that died but I got a turtle to replace it status. If I put that picture as my profile picture then I can make sure people see it for a while and I get to show it off. Now I can almost hear you saying, “I don’t care what you found in your uncles pond!”. Well actually you do. How do I know? Because if you didn’t then you wouldn’t care about looking at all the other pictures, and you do look at the other pictures don’t you? Like we all do. Now I am with you with the constant posting of statuses with brain numbing crap, the picture over to the side doesn’t really effect it. I don’t think.

    Now, on to the part about having your children as your default picture. Oh ya, I started a whole new paragraph for this one. This is a touchy topic for some people I’m sure. Why you ask? Because we love our kids. Amazing right, that we love someone so much that we want others to see them as much as possible. I carry pictures around in my wallet of my son so that I can show him off whenever I want. That’s not all, I also have pictures of him in my phone. A LOT! Whenever I get the opportunity to show my son off to someone, you better believe they will be looking at pictures of the cutest, most adorable baby boy in the entire world. My son.

    So like I said, I agree with most of what you said. However, when it comes to my son, he will be shown off as much as possible. And if that means that his picture will be my default picture in facebook, which it is, then I guess you will just have to stare at a cute little boy every time I post a status.

    Keep it up and you will be my next topic!

  2. By the way, I think I said AdrianBook…not AdamBook

  3. Joe says:

    Adam, leave Adrian alone. It’s harder than it looks walking around with your panties in a wad all the time.

  4. Joe says:

    But seriously, I agree with you on #5. I can’t stand people who do nothing but whine and complain about their lives on Facebook. NO ONE CARES.

  5. James says:

    I also don’t think you should be able to post random pictures of dog poop.

    • kathy says:

      Ok…Adrina…what about my profile picture? It is me, but with my Berkley…so is that against the rule? And if I want to rant and rave..how do I do that? You know I have plenty to say…help me

  6. Adam Day says:

    Kathy you can have whatever you want as a profile picture. Especially a child or grandchild. I had to clear that up for Adrian. Nicely of course. Now if you have plenty to say…the first step would be to subscribe to us so you can see whenever we post something new. Then you can say what you want and even more! To subscribe just scroll up and look to the left for the E-mail Subscription button. If you have already done this by the time I have finished typing this, then start weighing in! HA

  7. Yes Kathy, that is fine. I just think if it is YOUR profile then YOU should be in the picture. Such as me….yes I have a picture with Ace, but I am in the picture. And yes, feel free to rant and rave all you want.

    And Adam…..shut up or else youre gonna be the biggest sensation on YouTube because of your bloody nose

  8. Adam Day says:

    Someone get the picture maker we gonna be on TV! Adrian I’m gonna come after you like a spider monkey on crack looking for a pudding cup and you took the last one! Afterwards we can play a game of horse…I’ll be the front end and you can be yourself! BOOM!

  9. Im pretty sure I could just take YOUR pudding cup and have a pretty good edge up.

  10. Adam Day says:

    Cameras are rolling….

  11. Adrian says:

    I thought of a couple more….

    No tagging photos that I am not in just because you want me to see it. How about hit me up on chat or something and say “hey look at my photo”….and if you want to be super nice, even offer up a link. There is an exception….tagging people in funny pics to make fun of them. We have all done that. Im talking just a random picture of a flower that you took yesterday in your back yard..dont tag me in it, I am not a flower.

    Also, if you are a member of AdrianBook, you will have the choice on whether or not you want to be notified every time someone likes or replies to a status where you did the same. How many times have we thought to ourselves “I wish I had of never replied to that status”? Usually about the time you sign on and it says “You have 72 new notifications”.

  12. Danni says:

    Hey, can I be a member of Adrianbook? I totally agree with you, I mean come on 9,758,254 friends. They don’t even know who these people are. There is no possible way that they would even recognize these people if they saw them in person. I love the rules of Adrianbook, so in the previously mentioned perfect world, I am definitely one of your most loyal supporters.

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