Honey turn up the TV…..soccer is on! World Cup: Part 2

Posted: June 25, 2010 by Adam Day in Sports
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So the other day I started talking about how soccer was a boring sport, how it should be in the same category with ping pong and golf, I made mention that it is just a “kick the ball in the net” sport and how the referees penalty cards reminded me of the cards you had to pull in kindergarten when you were in trouble. I think I even figured out this whole points deal, at least in the World Cup playoffs. If you even call it playoffs. There are still some things that get me annoyed though. I don’t understand why everyone has to blow those stupid horns the entire time that the game is being played. Now I definitely understand about making noise. I’m a huge football fan. College football. In the SEC. In Alabama. We know how to make noise. But we make the noise during the big plays of the games. When your opponent has 4th down and they are deep in their own territory, when you see the quarterback running for his life when a 300lb lineman is ripping through the line trying to smash every bone in his body. We get loud, very loud. The more difficult we can make it for that player to hear the snap the more likely there is going to be a penalty for false start or something of that nature. Then that throws out all chances of going for it so the opponent punts the ball to our team. Success. The fans helped out by making noise. See I understand all about making noise during a sporting event but this constant buzzing noise, man doesn’t that get annoying? I do have to say it keeps you on the edge of your seat though. Kind of like the music in a horror film. You never know when the killer is going to jump from behind the corner. You never know when the USA is going to score. But when they do, it is pretty cool.

So like I said, here I was talking about soccer saying how boring and annoying it was, how they needed their own category….all while I’m watching it. So here it is. The USA vs. Algeria. Down to the wire. If the USA doesn’t score then they go home. England is beating Slovenia and USA is tied with Algeria at nothing a piece. If it ends here USA goes home and England advances with Slovenia. I’m watching the USA/Slovenia game and sitting on the edge of my seat, thanks in part to those stupid horns. There is an update that England wins, USA now HAS GOT TO WIN. They have come so far to go home now is what the commentator is saying. And there it is, time is up. Game over. So I thought, and then another soccer rule that I don’t understand. Someone holds up a sign that says these two teams get to play for another four minutes. I think someone was penalized at the end which caused the time to run out, since the clock NEVER stops in soccer. At least I don’t think it does. So here we go, I’m thinking to myself that USA has got to score here. You can feel it in the air, yes they are going to score. Why am I saying this? I hate soccer. Soccer is a stupid sport right? I push that thought aside and say I will deal with it later, right now I’m mentally willing the United States to kick that stupid ball through the goaltender and score. What a play at the end, the USA scores a goal, the fans go absolutely crazy, the players are running around like maniacs, the guy that scored the goal slides through the grass as his teammates pile on top of him celebrating, and I almost knocked my drink off the table because I jumped up so fast yelling in excitement. But wait, I’m yelling at the TV telling the guys to stop celebrating! I just know the ref is going to throw a flag…or a card…for excessive celebration, but he doesn’t. I’m used to football. By the way this is one rule that I think football should look at because I had so much fun watching this team celebrate that one goal. They knew they just had to keep Algeria from scoring in the next two or so minutes and they would advance. The minutes tick of the clock and final score is USA 1 Algeria 0. USA advances and wins their division, or group, whatever it’s called. Wow what a game. My heart is racing, I’m cheering on the USA while the team celebrates. Wow, I just got all excited over soccer. A boring sport.

So today I want to tell you all, if you have never watched a soccer game then you should. I would love to attend one in person one day. Of course now I just want to go watch team USA play. I’m not sure if any other soccer games are as exciting or not, but the World Cup is definitely a sport that will be on my list from now on to watch whenever I get the chance. To everyone that has been soccer fans or players and have taken the heat by others, like me, saying soccer is a boring sport…man were we wrong. I can’t wait till the next time I get to watch the USA play soccer and hopefully go on to win the World Cup. I think I might actually like a little soccer every now and then. You know, if it wasn’t such a boring sport. GO USA!

  1. Well ya know, in many other countries soccer is called football.

    Here’s an interesting article about the horns. There are even downloads you can get to play through your stereo speakers that cancels out the sound lol


  2. Adam Day says:

    No it is not called football. It is called futbawl. Ha.
    So to play a “Vuvuzela”, you have to “Put your lips inside the mouthpiece… and make a ‘farting’ sound.” hahaha Too funny.

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