BP: What Gives?

Posted: June 24, 2010 by Adrian Sanders in Rants and Raves

BP Oil owes this country a whole lot that we will never see. Its sickening to see the impact this whole situation is having on our environment. And I read in the news today that there are people VOLUNTEERING their time to help save wildlife, only to be ran away by the BP folks. Apparently, there are areas where BP is doing burn-offs of the oil but they are burning everything along with it. These people were told they could not go in and remove the wildlife before the burns started….including many endangered species. So you screw up and cause this whole disaster due to negligence and your fix is to be negligent toward our wildlife and burn them alive? This is sickening and cruel.

And thank goodness for congress! They kept our president from shutting down all off-shore drilling. Who could even begin to think this is a good idea? A foreign oil company comes in, screws the pooch, never really fixes the mistake and we should shut down all off-shore drilling? OF COURSE! What American doesn’t want to pay $10 a gallon for gas because of someone else’s mistake? Thank you congress for bailing us out on this one. Quite honestly I’m surprised the gas prices havent already skyrocketed due to this situation even though its only a BP deal.

So how do we fix this situation? I wish I knew. Im thinking since BP is doing these not-so controlled burns to rid the water of oil, why not just block off a perimeter around the actual leak and light the leak on fire? I mean it would be a huge torch for a while but at least it would keep more oil from spreading and help protect some of the other animals. That’s probably not a good idea, but hey its a thought. Or better yet, lets just connect a big long hose and run it over to the United Kingdom and let it dump all over BP’s homeland. I wonder how long that would last before they decided to fix it for good?

As for me, I’m still boycotting BP. But in all actuality I boycotted them all along……their gas has always been too expensive.

  1. James says:

    Adrian, can you provide me a link discussing congress blocking the no drilling moratorium? I keep up with politics an have not read anything about congress voting and blocking it. However, I read about a judge, not congress, blocking said moratorium. I don’t have faith in the Democratic lead congress. Also how does current Administration have time to sue with healthcare, immigration, two wars, oil spill, an Generals bad talking administration. They are suing Az over new SB1070. I also see you an Adam disagree on issue of Boycott. I have to side with Adam on this issue. Most BP gas stations are locally owned an operated. Boycott just hurts American economy in my opinion.

  2. Ok so you caught me talking about something I shouldnt…POLITICS! lol

    I thought I heard that on the radio news the other day but obviously I am wrong. Its like you said, a judge not congress. Sorry for the misinformation. At any rate, at least it was blocked.

    While I understand that boycotting BP stations is hurting the Americans who own the stations, somewhere you are going to have to draw a line in the sand. So if you choose to buy BP gas, you are supporting the American owned business, but also supporting the foreign oil that is destroying our wildlife and beaches. I guess what Im saying is either way you go you are supporting or hurting one or the other. Its just a matter of what you choose. As I stated in the original post, Ive technically always been on a BP strike simply because their gas is almost always higher in price than other gas stations around. So its more of me choosing where I do my business rather than boycott. And if you look at it that way, does that mean I am hurting American people simply because I dont want to pay the higher price? I cant patronize every gas station to be fair.

    • James says:

      Well let my first statement be BP is to blame,,,,mostly. It was BP’s oil rig that exploded and is still leaking. However, the federal government regulates the plans. The current administration approved the permit to the oil rig. The rig also had several violations, but the permit was still granted. Also the current adminstration also awarded, the same rig that exploded, a safety award just months prior despite safety violations. Also the federal government put a regulation on oil. They have a law that limits liability for oil companies to 75 million. That same law also says as long as BP, or any oil company, has a bank account with 75 million they dont have to have insurance. Had there been no limit BP would have to have insurance. That would have put more pressure to not have safety violations. ALso the federal government wont allow drilling in 500ft of water where oil can be controlled much easier, forcing them to drill in 5000ft of water. Also why cant we drill near Alaska or Antartica where there are no people, no livelhood like seafood fisherman. They cant drill there because of enviornmentalist. So BP is much to blame but federal government is to blame also. Also the federal government will not allow indivual states to employ their own clean up efforts. Government has said if the states dont abide by the federal governments plan they, indiviual states, will have to foot the bill.
      When it comes to boycotting, I completely disagree. I think boycotting hurts everyone. By buying from BP you are in no way supporting the destruction of our enviornment. BP is currently paying a lot of money to those affected, you could never repay all that was lost. So by boycotting BP you are not only hurting the American economy, you are hurting those affected. BP’s money is going to those effected, so to boycott you aren’t helping those waiting for a paycheck from BP.

  3. So basically what you are saying is that I should support all my local BP stations so that they can get the money to pay all the people who have been put out of work by the their (and our wonderful government) mistake. I dont like paying for something that I had no part of. Either way, as I stated before, I have always been on a BP strike because their gas is always more expensive. So technically speaking my boycott really means nothing at this point.

  4. Earlene says:

    Adrian, I don’t know if you saw Morgan’s post on this, but here is the link…..http://www.ohiomm.com/blogs/da_kings_men/2010/06/22/skimmers-sit-idle-as-gulf-dies/…raises my BP and we aren’t talking oil. Oh and Castrol oil products are also owned by BP. I won’t be buying any of those products either.

  5. Morgan says:

    BALLS to both BP and the idiOt in charge (BO!). Here’s why:

    First and foremost, BP donated a HUGE amount of money to Barry’s campaign. (Source: http://www.politico.com/news/stories/0510/36783.html ) BIG supporters of that mOrOn, so spill aside, I won’t be supporting BP anytime soon. Frak’m in the ear. Then frak’m in the other ear.

    Secondly, YES they spilled the crap, they should clean it up. BUT this doesn’t alleviate the Government who practically DROVE OIL COMPANIES OFF LAND in the first place with a huge list of rules and regs! Also, the federal government awarded BP for the safety of that rig! (Source: http://news.blogs.cnn.com/2010/04/30/in-ironic-twist-bp-finalist-for-pollution-prevention-award/ )

    UGH! I swear these enviro-nazis won’t rest until we are all peddling to work and only Those Who Must Be Worshipped are allowed motorized travel and air conditioning.

  6. Morgan says:

    Wait I’m not done.

    If a disaster strikes (natural or otherwise) it IS the job of the government (on every level) to protect it’s citizens. Anyone who hasn’t drank the kOOl-Aid and two brain cells will realize that this is exactly what is not happening. 2000 oil skimmers and help from overseas (Saudis and Dutch) has been offered but nope, it’s stillborn.

    Any guess as to why? I don’t like to venture into conspiracy theory, but I wouldn’t put it past them to be lining this up for the big push to reign in cap and trade.

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