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The Secret of Men

Posted: June 30, 2010 by Adam Day in Other
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Today I want to share with all the women the secret of men. This has been a controversial subject for quite some time. Now first of all, everyone remember this is a ‘Rated G’ site. Let’s keep the comments that way too. Thank you. Now on to the big secret. There isn’t one. Whew. You know it feels so good for that to be out. Got that off my shoulders and I feel like a hundred pounds lifted off of me. Unfortunately it didn’t. If you as a female can’t understand a man then maybe you should have a baby. Let me finish. Having a baby is a lot like having a man. I’ve come to realize this while taking care of my son, I’ve thought, “Wow, he is just like me in so many ways”. When he cries he either wants to play, take a nap, needs to be changed, or is hungry. Now I don’t go around relieving myself in my pants like he does, but think about it, you know how nice that would be. Anyways back on subject. My wife will ask me sometime, “Why are you in such a grumpy mood?”. Truth is I don’t know. How about ask a baby why he is in a bad mood and see what answer you get. Nothing. More than likely I’m tired and need a nap, I need something to eat, or maybe I just want to sit here and watch the ballgame.

Precious Time

Posted: June 29, 2010 by Adam Day in Other
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While standing in my garage talking to my brother about manly things, he made a comment about how he was happy our wives were chatting it up about our flower garden and some tree that beetle’s like to eat. After his comment we turned to each other and almost simultaneously said, “Wow, we have wives”. We talked about how crazy it is that seems like just yesterday we were rolling around in the front yard of mom’s house wrestling and carrying on, wait maybe it was yesterday? Anyways, he made the comment how I was getting old since I just turned 26 recently. Downhill to 30. We continued talking about our lives and how we both have houses, cars, working full time, and how he is in school. Time sure does fly. Which brings me to partly what this is about. Time files. Time is precious. I’ve always known this but I learned a lesson lately, when this slapped me in the face. The lesson? It wasn’t a death, a birth, a wedding, or anything like that. This may sound crazy, but my lesson of time flies was when my son had his first haircut. As he sat in the airplane seat, watched “Finding Nemo” on the TV hanging on the wall, and tried to eat the ladies spray bottle at “Spoiled Rockin Kidz“ (a GREAT place if you have kids, the people there were awesome!), I realized that my baby boy is growing up. Yes he is only a year old, but I now realize what I have been told so many years by my parents and others with children. Turning a year old is quite the big deal, I think more for the parents than for the baby. I’m sorry, the toddler. Anyways, watching my little man fly that airplane while getting his haircut made me stand with pride and just wanting to yell at everyone in the business and tell them my baby boy is growing up.

So you want to better yourself?

Posted: June 29, 2010 by Adrian Sanders in Rants and Raves

Good morning everyone!  We hope you have been enjoying reading our vents and frustrations here on Road Rage with A&A.  Today, I want to discuss something that has really got under my skin as of late.  For those who know me (and in a few seconds, those who don’t), you know I am planning to better myself in life and go back to school to further my education.  This can be such a headache and the government sure doesn’t make it any easier on us.  I went and filled out the proper forms online, telling the government once again how much money I make, only to be informed that I don’t qualify for any grants to help me make it through school.  This drives me crazy to know that I work 40 hours a week to pay my bills and stay afloat only to be told that I cant receive and financial help to better myself. (more…)

It’s Monday! So I figured that since everyone is already mad about that, I’ll throw this in to heat up the fire!

So the other day I was driving home from work, and while listening to The Dale Jackson Show I realize that it had been a year since Michael Jackson died. Uh Oh, here we go. I can feel the glares already. The ones that will be reading this while cursing me and calling me a racist, again. Yep, when Michael died I made my comments about how I didn’t agree with his life, I’m against child molesters, and was pounded by people saying how I was just racist. (more…)

“Hello, can I help you?”

Posted: June 28, 2010 by Adrian Sanders in Rants and Raves

Today I thought I would write about something that absolutely bugs the pee out of me…..the lack of customer service in this world. There is nothing that ticks me off any worse than choosing to do business somewhere only to be treated like they could care less if I was there or not. What ever happened to being treated like someone appreciates you as a customer? Its definitely a lost art. (more…)

At least I think Im normal….

Posted: June 26, 2010 by Adrian Sanders in Rants and Raves

So today I wanted to write about something that I think we are all afflicted with to some point….obsessive compulsive disorder. If anyone says they arent OCD to some extent they may want to check into their daily routine. (more…)

So the other day I started talking about how soccer was a boring sport, how it should be in the same category with ping pong and golf, I made mention that it is just a “kick the ball in the net” sport and how the referees penalty cards reminded me of the cards you had to pull in kindergarten when you were in trouble. I think I even figured out this whole points deal, at least in the World Cup playoffs. If you even call it playoffs. There are still some things that get me annoyed though. I don’t understand why everyone has to blow those stupid horns the entire time that the game is being played. Now I definitely understand about making noise. I’m a huge football fan. College football. In the SEC. In Alabama. We know how to make noise. But we make the noise during the big plays of the games. When your opponent has 4th down and they are deep in their own territory, when you see the quarterback running for his life when a 300lb lineman is ripping through the line trying to smash every bone in his body. We get loud, very loud. The more difficult we can make it for that player to hear the snap the more likely there is going to be a penalty for false start or something of that nature. Then that throws out all chances of going for it so the opponent punts the ball to our team. Success. The fans helped out by making noise. See I understand all about making noise during a sporting event but this constant buzzing noise, man doesn’t that get annoying? I do have to say it keeps you on the edge of your seat though. Kind of like the music in a horror film. You never know when the killer is going to jump from behind the corner. You never know when the USA is going to score. But when they do, it is pretty cool.

If Facebook Were Adrianbook

Posted: June 25, 2010 by Adrian Sanders in Rants and Raves

So maybe Im just a little too anal about some things and worry myself over things that just dont matter, but I’ve just gotta clear the air on something here. Some people get way too involved in facebook, sometimes to the point of being annoying. So today I bring you the rules of “AdrianBook” (in a perfect world of course). (more…)

BP: What Gives?

Posted: June 24, 2010 by Adrian Sanders in Rants and Raves

BP Oil owes this country a whole lot that we will never see. Its sickening to see the impact this whole situation is having on our environment. And I read in the news today that there are people VOLUNTEERING their time to help save wildlife, only to be ran away by the BP folks. Apparently, there are areas where BP is doing burn-offs of the oil but they are burning everything along with it. These people were told they could not go in and remove the wildlife before the burns started….including many endangered species. So you screw up and cause this whole disaster due to negligence and your fix is to be negligent toward our wildlife and burn them alive? This is sickening and cruel. (more…)

Oil Spill

Posted: June 24, 2010 by Adam Day in Rants and Raves
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So with all the uproar in the gulf about the big BP oil spill, to be honest everyone seems to be going a little crazy. I most definitely agree more should have been done sooner. I will be the first to say that more people should have stepped up and helped. More “celebrities” should have cared enough to help out. These same “celebrities” are the ones that donated millions and millions of dollars to Haiti when they had their disaster. Now, their own country has a disaster that is killing hundreds of animals and putting hundreds out of work. I think that some have finally stepped up to help, I guess it is better late than never right? Still the help from these people has not come close to touching what they did for other countries. I personally think it is sad and pathetic. (more…)